Tuesday, 24 February 2009


after the clinical station, thought of start enjoying the relaxation after i finish the 2 presentations and the 2 case reports that are pending... things didn't go tat bad.. i went to galenical/prepacking station after my clinical and was having a life of a lazy bug there: sien, nothing much to do thr, can take a nap thr, had my breakfast break wif proper breakfast like nasi lemak and wan tan mee, got enough time there to prepare my clinical presentation, and utilised my time there to lepak and explore HKL :p sounds syiok but actually it is super boring thr.. it's a typical working place tat i go there is juz to wait for lunch break and then wait for 5pm to go home... and i punched my card at 5 o'clock sharp almost everyday when i was there :p

and today is my 1st day in neuroscience department, a department that includes psychiatry, neurology and neurosurgery... thought that it is juz one of the satelite pharmacies and i hav no homework there :p i got the chance to learn about the drugs which i not normally seen and familar in opd or in clinical... time passed very fast thr since the pharmacy is busy and i feel like i am getting back to my proper working life :) however, i was shocked after i heard that i hav to do 2 assignments for the attachment there.. WHAT??? i got 2 assignments bcoz i will be there for 2 weeks time!! ok.. i accepted it since the assignments are for my own good ma, can noe the drugs better :) but then i was lagi shocked when i received a phonecall from a clinical pharmacist saying that i am going to do a CPE presentation since i wil go to TDM later... WHAT??? i ady finished my clinical attachment and the CPE presentation is unexpected... this phonecall stressed me out!! why me is chosen wo?? tot that i was terlepas from the presentation dy since i had finished my clinical station but... and... why me?? arghhh!!!

now the main prob for me is that foreignsic exam will be held in march... how am i going to do so many things at the same time?? how am i going to study for the exam?? @#$%*@#$ haih... ... prp very cham... i very ke lian...

in conclusion, after my 3rd presentation on dis coming thurs, i hav to rush for my case reports, and then do my assignments, and preparing for CPE presentation while studying for the coming exam!!! shift 1 oncall on dis sat summore!! wanna kill myself for these sudden increased in workloadsss dy... :S

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