Monday, 2 November 2009

SpongeBob SquarePants

Found out the picture randomly and think it is cute =) Anyhow, i never watch this series before :p



In the past 1 year i was like a sponge and was trying to absorb as much knowledge as possible to get myself ready for my field… But then, as time goes by, as a sponge which cannot reserve water, i have forgotten a lot as well… hope i wont become a clinical pharmacist :p

Called up and asked bout the posting today… The posting haven’t out yet and may need to wait until next week… i am confusing now and dunno which i really want…

The best to describe my current situation is: ‘Just Float’… Lol

just float space


Arisera said...

Do you know how to make pak chi cho?
The herbal tea they have in Rumours?
I bought the herbs but dunno wht to do with them :(


yi shan said...

what make u think i noe how to make pak chi cho? =P i tHink juz boil it with water and add some sugars bah... Lol
betw, do i noe u?

Arisera said...

Dunno I was craving for it and looked it up on google and found it on ur blog. Desperation.
I tried to make it but it was yuck :(:(
Oh well!!!!! Haa
thanks anyway!

yi shan said...

oh!?? my blog did mention bout pak chi cho? The Rumours is Malaysian Chinese restaurant in glasgow right? hope u can make ur pak chi cho successfuly in the end la =)