Wednesday, 23 December 2009

My hospital is the BEST!!!

yeah... the oncall timetable for January next year is out finally....

on top of the current oncalls, there is addition of THREE other oncalls!!

UOD oncall --- acceptable...

A & E 8am-9pm oncall --- ermm... eii...... consider acceptable!!?

A & E 9pm-1pm the next day --- ARGHHH!!! apa ni??? tak nak tak nak!!! cannot accept at all!!! how do u expect ppl to cont work after the long night shift!?

so now, i hav SIX different kinds of oncalls to do and my colleagues may have more than tat!!!!!

and in January, i hav 3 weekend oncalls... kumpul kumpul time-off :(

yeah... my hosp is the best...

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