Saturday, 24 April 2010

Stressful Working Life

24 hours in a day; 168 hours in a week.

About 9 working hours in a day; more than one third of a day is occupied by work.

Somehow, i couldn’t really find the job satisfaction, and somehow, i found it quite stressful and miserable to work. There are many cofactors: environment, boss, people, etc.

Always, i feel i am alone at work because colleagues are just colleagues, and the topics are usually regarding work, and ONLY work!

Not to complain much about my job although i have a lot to complain on it ;p Thanks to my colleagues-cum-friends in other departments who can always bring some happiness to my ……………… working life :D




To achieve balance, must get the right angle. Deeply in my heart, i love my profession actually.

Ermm.. To have a better working life, think i need to keep myself up to the pace as theirs, to become more competent and pro-active. I think should not go lunch punctually and should stay back after 5pm as well ;p

Decided to do my part and be myself!!


You cannot change the environment/world,

but you can change yourself.

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