Monday, 10 May 2010

Butter & Jam

Butter Jam Butter Butter Jam Butter Jam Jam Butter Butter Jam

So is it Butter or Jam?

It is a lame game tat I played before with my colleagues XD

Not gonna talk bout Butter here but JAM!!!


It is well known that the traffic in KL is always congested regardless time! The reason is unknown and the JAM is just a normal thing in life. But in the past 1 week i was damn annoyed by the UNPREDICTABLE + UNUSUAL heavy traffic which was happened almost every working day of the week (= LATE) !!! Arghhhhhh…….

The exhausted week was ended with a HAPPY Friday night --> Birthday Celebration + Crazy Drinking Session! It has been quite a while since our last outing + happy hour… Occasional outing like this is good to relieve stress XD

Didn’t really rest well on Saturday I headed to work on Sunday. It was a sleepy sunday morning @@… The A&E Dayshift is considered easy among all kinds of oncalls. But the boredom being there was almost killing me… The air-cond there is not well functioning so the pharmacy is hot and stuffy. Able to facebook there but msn, youtube, etc are blocked… NO musics + NO good air ventilation + NOT feeling well + NO proper meal intake = SIENZ + BORED + SIENZZZ!!!

In the end, i am on MC today before another cycle of working week begins. Self-cooked porridge is always my best friend on my MC day XD

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