Sunday, 21 September 2008

Accuracy of Death aka Sweet Rain

watched this movie last night.. Takeshi Kaneshiro plays a Grim Reaper who loves music very much... as a God of Death, he observes a human's life for seven days before the person dies an unexpected death and decides whether to 'proceed' (death) or 'suspend' (alive).. but whenever he appears on earth, he always meets with rainy days and he has never seen a sunny day with blue sky...

this movie brought out articulated themes about life..
'what do you think about death?'
'Is life special?' ===== life is ordinary and not special, but it is very very important... ===== agree??


what defines happiness in our life?
what makes one faithful in what he believes in?
what make one's life fulfilling and complete at the end of the day?

this show makes some laughter while makes us thinking bout the meaning of life...
and ... ... Takeshi Kaneshiro is cute in dis show ^o^

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