Saturday, 27 September 2008

Moonlight Resonance~

finished watching this drama few days ago... the ending is not as good as wat i expected although it's happy ending... juz feel tat the ending abit 'qin cai' and does not describe many things in detail esp the story betw '管家仔' and '于素秋'... anyway, it's still a good drama.. lol


haven't received my posting letter yet... i called but the fella said posting only out next month b4 16th oct... haih... still hav to wait again... act i not 'kan zheong' bout the posting date, juz 'kan zheong' bout where am i going to be posted... worry-nya... i dunwan go to ulu places la!!!

Money no enough~

i am not talking bout the movie though Money No Enough 2 is really funny and entertaining which makes ppl laugh like siao in cinema... sien to stay at home but at the mean time oso scare to go out too often... really money no enough since hav to spend at least berpuluh-puluh ringgit everytime when i go out.. tat's why i am quite broke now... sienzz...

dun feel good and abit emotional these few days... having headache oso... sienzz... found 2 mv from youtube... both oso sub theme songs by Raymond Lam in 'Moonlight Resonance' and 'Heart of Greed' respectively...




ti3nD said...


their rship very funny larh. can twist here twist there, become so funny dy. pity the -_-" 'guen gah zai' nia.

raya break mah, as ed said. wait bah.

money is always not enuf larh, no matter where you are aiiihz. @@

yi shan said...

yalor... tot can see sweet sweet relationship betw them tim... manatau end up wif 'ke lian de guan kah zai'.. :p

u hav much longer break than us.. haha.. when r u coming back ah?

now i shud say money come come come.. to make myself richer, hehe... :p