Friday, 3 April 2009

End Of TDM~

time flies... my 1 month attachment at TDM comes to the end!! i was stress-free and had alot of fun during my last week there because my preceptor was BACK to TDM for the week!!! :p

when my TDM preceptor was NOT AROUND for the 2 weeks,
  1. the life at TDM was KELAM-KABUT!!

  2. dunno who shud v refer to when v had prob in TDM cases!!

  3. so stressed out to do the recommendations!!

  4. was worried after do the recommendations...

  5. v had done mistakes in few cases and kena tegur (blamed) by other FRPs!!

  6. went for late lunch and stayed back to settle all the cases...
so, v were so HAPPY to hav our dear preceptor back there!! ^^

generally, the pace at TDM was slow most of the time except for the PEAK hour at 12.00-1.00pm and SUPER PEAK hour from 4.00-5.00pm... sweat... free most of the time but rush like wat at last minnute!!

i like the station but i dun like the calculations :p i used to calculate the doses but not confident in doing the recommendations... i calculated the same formulae for so many times but still need to refer to the handbook everytime to check back the formulaes... doing TDM cases would juz entangle all my brain's nerves ard.. my brain is so resistant to the TDM calculations :p

but i still like the station very much ^^ v hav alot of freedom there and i used to chit-chat alotts wif my colleagues... haha.. i think this station has given full play of my talkative-ness :p and i can do anything i wan there as long as i finished my work since my preceptor is too nice till everything oso said ok, Ok, OK!!! haha... dis is not exaggerated at all, everyone from my hosp sure say my TDM preceptor is a super nice person :p

anyhow, i still dun wish to go back to TDM since i dun like the calculations :p bye bye TDM and see u again during oncalls la.. ^^


YunChing said... feeling wif u..i hope dat my last week in TDM won last so fast!!i'm going 2 miss dis station from stress yet still can learn lots fr our dearest preceptor!wakakaka...I think this would b the last station i can steal some time 2 breathless period is awaiting ahead..haiz..anyway, enjoy our last few PRP's months k...hehe... ^0^

yi shan said...

wow.. can feel tat u like TDM and the preceptor soo muchhhh... haha.. u enjoy too la ^o^ gambatte!!