Sunday, 28 June 2009

End of my holidays~~

it comes to the end of my holidays in enforcement :p and wil back into hospital life tomorrow! i am sure tat i gonna miss the FREE & EASY time there!!

the life in enforcement can be interesting:-

1. RAIDING - the officers were so YENG when they went to a premis to rampas a product called 'Kopi Asrama' which actually 'bukan kopi biasa' and contains sildenafil (viagra) in it!!!

2. PAMERAN - it is an exhibition about the unregister products in the markets and to giv the information of the correct way to buy and use the medicines... the pameran held in SJK(C) Tsun Jin and i got to see our Health Minister :p

3. SEBUTAN MAHKAMAH - we carried the boxes of the exhibits (barang rampasan) to the court... In the court, the enforcement officers would clarify the offences of the accused, and the accused person might mengaku or tidak mengaku salah! If the accused didn't commit the offences, the case would bring on to Mention Court...

4. INSPECTION - went for the clinic inspections wif the pegawai, and found that the doctors are normally quite nervous to see the unexpected visit from us :p and there was a doctor who tends to invite us for an 'unofficial drink' :p

other than the things mentioned above, i spent most of my time in doing the buku latihan prp, seriously, it is ALOT!!!
BUT, i also got quite much time to sleep, chit-chat, daydreaming, read comics and newspaper there when i was tired or sicked of the latihan prp... haha.. Life is GOOD isn't it!? :p
anyway, life is NOT always tat EASY since i oso needed to do some donkey works like filing and packing there :p

wil go back to hospital tomorrow and the next station is METHADONE, one of the sienzzz de station... bo mood liao...

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