Sunday, 11 July 2010

Joke of the day

Received a prescription from a patient that day. The patient asked:" Is this the correct one? The name on the prescription is not mine.” I looked at the patient’s discharge note and the prescription, and was thinking: “ OMG, the ward gave the wrong prescription to the patient!??”


Do you spot something on the prescription? hahahahaha… i couldn’t control my laughter when i noticed that the doctor hav actually written his own name on the prescription instead of the patient’s name!!!!! I checked the IC number of the patient which was the same as on the prescription, I laughed again in front of the patient… Sorry to say that but it was too funny to me…. hahahahaha… Called to the ward to clarify bout the patient’s name and the penicillin’s dosage in the end =P

I scratched my head over the prescription below and till now I still dun understand why the doctor prescribed that…


Of compliance issue? dun think so… Can’t think of any reason… A weird case…..

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