Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Things to do by the week

Stressed before i went to sleep last night!

Stressed after i woke up this morning!

Of the same reason: WORK!!!!!

Seriously, there are many things undone! Seriously i wanna escape from these if possible! Arghhhhh….. This is reality! Go to work and get all the things DONE!

Things to do in the week:-

  1. MINIT MESYUARAT - to scratch my head over my poor translation skill.
  2. To distribute the ward check reports to everyone on the list! - Thanks to my ‘RESPONSIBLE’ colleague >.<
  3. To do 2 ward inspections.
  4. To make sure the SPUB forms are faxed over to the relevant hosp/kk.
  5. To update the JKTU items after the meeting (to inc/dec quota, to add in, and to remove drugs) – really a lot of procedures to do!


Almost ‘gek si’ by a staff nurse today! Called to the ward to clarify the dosage. The doctor in charged wasn’t around. So i talked to the staff nurse. Called to the ward 3 times and she called me back one time regarding one prescription. Hello i called you 3 times and i repeated the same questions for so many times but you didn’t really listen to me and repeated the same things to me without clarify with your doctor. Somemore said to me: “U ni orang baru kah?” Walao you were challenging my patience! Finally the doctor called me back and settled the probs.

Damn it there were probs with the 2nd prescription of the same patient. This time i was smarter coz i called my TPN colleague to check for the drugs 1st. In the end i still hav to call to the ward to clarify. Before tat, i talked to the patient’s son: “semalam patient sudah dapat beberapa jenis eyedrop? tau nama eyedrop tak?” He answered he doesn't know and started to call to his relative who was in the ward with the patient. I called to the ward and talked to the same staff nurse again. The first thing she answered me: “ I tak pernah tengok pharmacist macam ni la, panggil patient ambil semua ubat ke atas dan tunjuk kat u, tau tak ubat itu simpan dalam peti sejuk macam mana u boleh panggil patient ambil macam tu saja!” Walao I seriously very bu shuang i never ask him to bring the eye drops to show me and u shud never talk to me like this!!!! wanna cekik ppl dy >.<

Hello it was lunch time, patients and indent from wards were a lot. I had to do many prescriptions at the same time other than this one! These 2 problematic prescriptions and YOU this STUPID staff nurse wasted a lot of my time!!! and you BLAMED on me on the mistakes done by YOU and the doctor!!! [bu shuang x100]

To doctors: Please write your prescription CORRECTLY and ACCORDINGLY before you send the patients to pharmacy! It is not easy to catch you during lunch time and during peak hour! And this creates a lot of troubles to your staffs, patients and ME!

To the STUPID staff nurse: Please open you ear big big and listen to ppl when they talk to you. Please dun talk extra and get your things done immediately! Please be POLITE to PHARMACISTS! When ask you to clarify please dun talk crappy to me and this is about EFFICIENCY! And please dun be rude to me especially when i am BUSY and HUNGRY!!!!! >.<

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