Wednesday, 29 October 2008

New Album Releases

Number 1 ## Sixology by JJ
*** little dimple 小酒窝***

Number 2 ## Capricorn by Jay Chou
*** lost mainstream 失落非主流***

Number 3 ## by Mayday 五月天

listen to these albums recently... JJ and Jay Chou are my favourite singers while Mayday is my favourite Taiwanese band... still can enjoy my last bit of holidays wif their nice songs.. ^o^

counting down to my working days... will juz stay at home and enjoy the laziness in these few days gua... and my house is almost finish wif the renovating progress.. wat colour shud i choose for my room? light pink? apple green? or white??

*** my favourite song in these albums..


mingying said...

i like d same artists as u lately oni listening to jay's latest album..veli nice lar!!and just spent whole nite watching jay's interview on youtube..oh room's peach colour nw,not so pinkish but still look warm..can consider this colour lah:P

Kha Hong said...

i think pink suits u better lor.. haha..

yi shan said...

tat day suokteng sent me the link, so i oso watched the interview dy :p
JJ's album oso very nice.. hehe..

i chose the color dy, is purplish pink, but havent seen the effect yet :p next time invite u guys to come to my house ya :p
SO u guys muz come to KL first, haha..