Thursday, 23 October 2008


juz received my 2nd offer letter from KKM today... from the letter, i am posted to Hospital Kuala Lumpur... and hav to 'melapor diri kepada Pengarah Hospital Kuala Lumpur pada 1 November 2008' !!

waited for the posting for so long and suddenly need to work in less than 2 weeks time... LESS THAN 2 weeks time!!! sienzz... now i juz left so little time to lazing around, to do nth and daydreaming at home, to sleep late until the warm sunshine wakes me up...

anyway, now shud be the right time to get ready to work and it's time to STOP being as parasite!! BUT, HKL is big and very busy... seems tat i need alot of learning time to cope wif the working life thr... juz hope tat everything goes well... good luck to those who r working soon!!


ti3nD said...

good larh get hkl! eh bagi saya tips on interview, next month, so that i wont be sent to far far away. hehe.

yi shan said...

i hav no tips de wo =P i juz read thru some websites b4 i went for my interview... hihi..
i tHink u can try to think some good reasons for why u muz not go so far away gua when fill in the form... hope u wont be sent to far far away la :p