Monday, 16 March 2009

我是揸 Fit 人~

This week is my 2nd week in TDM...

and my 1st week in TDM was as the following...
Monday - Public Holiday
Tuesday - attended talk at enforment
Wednesday - reported myself to TDM
Thursday - i was being borrowed to Neuroscience for the whole morning!
Friday - my preceptor was not around for whole day...

so wat hav i learnt in TDM in the 1st week?? can easily guess from the above... strictly say, i only with my preceptor for 1 and the half day and maybe less than that... and i learnt to chop on the TDM forms after my preceptor had done some recommendations :p i learnt to look blurry into the TDM cases and then look blurry to my preceptor oso :p and he would tell u straight the appropriate recommendations after he look into the TDM cases... pro!!

but then, our cekap yet super nice preceptor are going for KHUSUS INDUKSI for 2 weeks.. he kindly passes us over to another frp.. so if there any queries in TDM cases we can look for the frp who was in charged of TDM previously... phew.. at least there is someone that v can ask about...

BUT, when v went to work today, v was told that the frp is on leave for few days because of the school holidays, she may bring her children to play around... faint*

actually, v hav a total of 6 prps in TDM now.. quite alot of us, but 3 prp are taking leaves in dis week.. so today juz left 1 prp who was in her forth week in TDM, another prp who was juz came in today, and me :p hihi... and v settled ALL the TDM cases today by ourselves!! haha... i think all the recommendations that v suggested shud be alright gua, so patients will be alright de :p and somehow v still asked other frps for the very uncertain cases de, so shud be no worries de la :p haha...

我是揸 Fit 人,问你怕没? 哈哈~


neng said...

blurr queen being the zha fit yan??//
can't imagine = =

mingying said... funny larr!!!masuk tdm for a while and sudah jadi zha fit yan, am worried bout the patients oso damn blur..havent been attached to tdm bt sudah oncalls 2 times for doing tdm...gosh i keep calling others to ask..haha..jia youuu