Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Kursus Intensif Perundangan Farmasi~

went for KURSUS INTENSIF PERUNDANGAN FARMASI from 9am to 5pm today... In short, it is juz a seminar about the foreignsic exam... no tips were given today.. juz being told about the teknik-teknik menjawab soalan! generally, v juz need to do some nice and clear tagging on the law books, to find the acts or regulations easily, then wirte down all the main points from there... as wat mingying said, copy fast fast and write as much as v can :p

today was juz like a small IMU reunion, many of us are from imu, and get to see back those familar faces from imu :p the aturcara for today very senang oso... started at 9am, breakfast from 10am to 11 am.. then lunch break from 12.30 to 2.30pm... and end with teatime at 4pm... haha... so v hav alot of time to makan and chit-chat there :p

actually today is my FIRST TIME to OPEN the law books and see the contents in them.. wo shi kan si dui :p though heard from others that foreignsic exam very easy de, juz noe where to get the answer and copy the answers can liao... hope is tat easy la... but before tat still need to understand the acts and regulations roughly.. i think i shud start to go thru the books dy, shudn't be any delay... tat's wat i get motivated during the seminar dis morning... but then after i reached home, the motivation is gone and i reli feel malas lah to open the books :p can i study later ah? hehe...

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