Monday, 9 March 2009


finally, i finshed all my assignments and reports!! HURRAY!! haha... i feel a sense of FREEDOM, no more tense and no more stress!! relax-relaxation-relaxed-relaxing :p actually still need to study for the coming foreignsic exam.. but NOT at this moment, and NOT tonight :p selambar-ing... lalala...

planned to go sing lunch k wif my colleague... slept at 2 sth last night and set my alarm at 9am.. my brother woke me up dis morning and i was so reluctant to get out from my lovely bed... suddenly 'ting' and sth come across my mind.. oh gosh! it must be very late! no clock in my room and i switched on my handphone quickly... OMG!! it is 12 sth in the afternoon!! wahsek.. the lunch-k time is from 11am to 1pm... i think i accidentally off the alarm without consciousness... and i normally off my handphone when i sleep, so nobody can wake me up... really very sorry to ffk.. but i felt funny as well since i long time no off my alarm without consciousness dy :p paiseh paiseh... next time shud set repeat alarm :p


i had been in neuroscience department for last 2 weeks, and only for 2 weeks time there... so far it is the happiest station tat i hav ever been because of the frps there... this is the 1st time i feel tat there is no gap between me and the frps... they treated me as their colleague, not juz a prp... they are friendly and nice to me... and i had a good friday wif them last week, since they treated me a lunch at Lot 10.. nvr expect that.. haha... they belanja me lunch bcoz i stayed after work for 2 days to help them to do the stupid 5S... they are juz nice!! :)

actually feel so 'bu she de' to leave the station not only bcoz of frps thr.. the working environment is quite ok to me... and the most important thing is that i still not familar wif the drugs there!!! 2 weeks time is too short to learn up everything! there are so many different types of drugs under antiepileptic, anti-parkinsons, antipsychotics, anti-migraines, etc... until now if anyone ask me about the drugs there i dun think i can tell the exact answer oso... and the stupid 5S wasted my time there oso :( i am still not qualified to be there after those 2 weeks... and i am so surprise to see the frps hav all the knowledges in their brain... geng!!

and 1 thing quite interesting to be there is i got the chance to go up to the ward.. thanks to the frp who brought me up... i went up to the psychiatric ward... generally the ward has a wide space before the beds... so that the patients there hav their daily activities freely... actually i was abit scared when i saw a patient was trying to approach us but still quite ok in the end coz v left the ward on time :p and i did dispense methadone to 1 of the patient there oso :p reli appreciate the time being thr and at least i experienced sth different... :)

i went up to the neuro ward oso.. quite sad after visited there.. most of the patients hav no cure for their diseases and they hav to remain in such conditions for the rest of their lives... with the problems of nerves, they only hav their medicines to prolong their lives but no or only a litle improvement in their symptoms... i saw 1 patient who is not able to move her whole body but juz her head.. another patient who is immobile due to multiple sclerosis.. and some acute patients who are unconscious and only depends on the oxygenation to prolong their lives... i hard to imagine that if i am one of those patients... and wat will be the real meaning of life in such conditions!?? i dunno... i think it makes ppl working there to feel depressed since there is no cure for the nerve diseases and the only way is juz to prolong life expectancy... wat a sad thing!!


watched 'WATCHMAN' few days ago... it is juz a BAD show!! long-winded, boring, non-sense, stupid and pornographic... so juz dun go for it la....

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