Sunday, 31 May 2009

Brand New~

tomorrow will be a brand new MONTH, with a brand new WEEK, and a brand new STATION!!

actually i am not motivated at all and feeling so dulllll... sienzz...

my stations in June and July will be Paeds-Enforcement-Methadone-ONG.

i guess paeds shud be a interesting station since i can make syrup there :)

hope i am not isolated from the crowd in these stations... :p

and hope i can start my research project as soon as possible!! start to feel the stress of havent started anything on my research topic yet while the others ady finished presenting their research project!!

and the dull feelings shud stop here and i shall make a fresh start tomorrow!!! yeah!!

but then, can i have a brand new life of mine??? I need a breath of fresh air!!


sue chong said...

let's jia you 2gether!! :)

weeyeaw said...

U enforcement this month ar... good la cn become datin everyday by wearing Baju Kurung od...