Saturday, 23 May 2009


Shift 1 Oncall on Last Monday

This is the first ever crazy shift-1 oncall tat i hav done so far, MONDAY night oncall is crazy and terrible!!

1st of all, i hav to go to paeds satellite to supply SODIUM BENZOATE powder!! dis is considered as the unlucky one when need to open the other satellite pharmacies during oncall!!
for those who haven been to HKL, juz to tell tat HKL is act damn BIG.. paeds is at the far of the another end of hkl!! due to the 'CONSIDERATE' doctor who ordered the medicine after office hours, and after my frp had negotiated wif them for so long, i still need to go to open the paeds pharmacy!!
i walked ALONE at night time to paeds pharmacy and the staff nurse was waiting me thr... i opened the pharmacy, and wif no idea where the drug is, the kind SN called 1 of the paeds pharmacist for help when i reli couldn't find the drug..
the pharmacist told me tat act i hav to weigh the drug since it is in powder form!! I even dunno where the switch is to on the weighing balance!! luckily and finally, the pharmacist asked me to take any1 pack of those they act hav ready packed for the other patients but hav to teach the SN bout the amount to take... phew!!

after i went back to the opd, so shocked when i saw opd was FULL of patients, which i only normally seen in daytime opd!! reli crazy since only 4 of us working but every single seat in opd was occupied by the patients and patients still keep coming in NON-STOP!! luckily not many tdm cases tat night so i could help out in dispensing early...
the prescriptions there cant be described as THICK only, but are MUCH THINKER than usual!! act i counldn't controlled myself and laughed out when i saw 1 whole stack of prescriptions there but the pembantu ady tak larat to do anymore.. hahaha.. 1st tme to see they surrender with the overflow prescriptions... hahaha...

and next month i am gonna oncall on MONDAY again!! Deng!! pray hard pray hard!!

Weekend Methadone Oncall

Abit stressed up on my 1st day of methadone oncall since it is my 1st methadone oncall and still not familar wif the procedures thr.. i do dispensing on the 1st day and i was abit slow at the beginning... i need to record 4 places to dispense the methadone and i din noe tat the last sheet of papers tat i need to record is arranged according to the file number of the patient.. so i found the pt's name 1 by 1 in the sheets and complained in my heart tat why they nvr arrange pt's names in alphabetical order and wasting my time here!! :P while spending longer time in finding their names, the pts waiting outside started to be impatient and making some noise... scared me tat time and i tried to dispense faster.. finally the ppk reached dy and helped me to record the final sheets, and the flow back to the normal pace... phew!!

and there was a pt who din come for her methadone in last few days so i asked her the reason..
"kenapa tak datang sebelum ini?"
"lock up lo!"
she juz asnwered me in a way tat kena lock up is very normal to her but i was shocked to hear tat!!! not dared to say anything and i juz dispensed methadone to her... sweat...
and there was a pt who came late but v ady closed our counter and was doing some calculations in the room.. the pt kept knocking on the door wif his strength for quite some time!! scary!!! v din open the door in the end and the pt left finally... phew!!

overall, i think methadone oncall is still Ok to me... since it was fun when i did methadone preparation on the next day of my oncall... it is not as heavy as the other oncalls and i can reach home by 1pm :p juz tat the patients thr are act drug addicts and some of them are quite rude, wat they wan r juz METHADONE!!

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