Friday, 22 May 2009


dunno wat hav happened, LAZY and SLEEPING BUGS keep attacking me dis week!!! currently at store department which is sien de station; act as a receptionist and i keep answering the calls (tak suka), or do some boring data checking/entry stuffs (tak suka), or do nth there (pun tak suka)... in kinda senang station i am kinda tired and sleepy after work :p i can sleep for 2-4 hrs after work and then sleep at 12 midnight AGAIN!! :p and now i am QUEEN of sleeping dy (act juz like a pig) :p haha...

i guess i needed so much sleep in this week is bcoz of :-

Post-Oncall Syndrome??? was having shift-1 oncall last monday, and methadone oncall last sat and sun so hav to wake up early for more than 10 days consecutively, so-called hangover effects?? :p

OVER-relaxing state?? i had done 6 presentations so far and there is only research project presentation to go!! yeah :p haha.. juz like a stretched rubber band which is back to its relaxing state; i am so reluctant to do anything after working time dy... so until now still haven started my tpn report and research project :p selamber again, reli tak tahan myself :p

anyway, shudn't be so unproductive again!! at least muz watch some dramas after work ma, how can spend my time wif 'zhou gong' only :p
no la... shudn't waste my time in sleeping again, shud start doing my work, and show some enthusiasm and professionalism in my job ma!! haha...

OFF on next mon, yippie!! Happy Weekends ^^

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