Friday, 21 March 2008


sien ah sien ah very sien ah!! essays reports essays reports essays reports & research project!!! haih... y i hav to do all these every day??? i m getting bored of doing the same thing dy... aiyaya.. when can i say NO to them ah?? the ans is after the deadlines.. haih...

suddenly miss those days wif my high school frens... hang out tgt, talk nonsense, gossips n 38 stuffs... i wan go yam cha in mamak stalls!! sing k in neway!! watch movie in 1u!! eat sushi in sushi king!! shopping in mid valley!! lepak in times square!! i juz dunwan to do essays!!

finish crapping!! lazy to continue seeing ms word!! time to REST!! watch drama then tidur!! tat's all for tonight!!

Oh... Happy Birthday to pipi ya!! hihi...


ti3nD said...

haha. day by day it gets closer.


Gambateh bah Umbrealla cheong :
when it rains, we definitely nid you!

yi shan said...

thanks la... feel so encouraging after c ur comment... yup.. day by day it gets closer!! v can do it!!
anyway, NO umbrella here k!! ohya.. ur blog always entertains me.. haha.. keep on updating good blogs la ^0^