Tuesday, 4 March 2008

snow and Snow again!!!

3rd march 2008, a day tat kept snowing!! haha... early in the morning, bout 9.15am i think, my phone rang non-stop n abit annoying act since i was sleeping.. hihi.. paiseh la mying i din pick up ur phone n cont sleeping... after tat, i heard some noise fr outside.. it might be snowing!! n i woke up immediately n pull up the blind.. bingo!! i was right.. it was snowing heavily outside... n wat i did next was took out my camera n snapped some pics.. after brushed my teeth, mying called me again n finally i picked up her phone... mying: "go down now lo!!" reli thanks her la.. haha... but after i went down, ady stop snowing.. arghhhhhhhhh!! juz can played wif the snow on the grass n the floor... n after short while, the bright sun came out!!

BUT, it was heavy snow again n again for the day.. haha.. i went out for 3 or 4 times to play wif the snow!! it juz like bathing in the snow n felt so GOOD!! v collected the snow on our hair, ran in the snow, played snow balls n attacked the guys' unit!! haha.. FUN!! juz tat it may be the last snow in glasgow n is the end of winter liao... however, i ady played enuf wif the snow lo.. haha!!

heavy snow from my window!! luv it very much!!

snowman couple!!

really enjoy the heavy snow!!!
opposite of jbc..
jbc!! block G..

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