Monday, 10 March 2008

Rumours Kopitiam!!

went to rumours yesterday.. wat's rumours then? it's a 'gong si gong fei' kopitiam... a MALAYSIAN style kopitiam!!

suddenly being so craving for m'sian food; nasi lemak, char kuey teow, 'yu tou mee hun', etc always appear in my mind n stimulate my digestive system in the past 1 week.. the last time i ate them was so so long ago... more than 10 months i think.. such a long period.. reli miss the taste la.. haha... Wahh.. i been here for 10 months liao.. unbelievable... time flies without my notice...

luckily my housemates r as greedy as me, v r so 'tam jak', n v juz went there for lunch after cpp deadline.. the kopitiam is small n nice.. feels like home since the waitress can speak m'sian cantonese.. they r from malaysia oso!! n the washrooms r big n clean, hihi!!

v ordered the 3-courses lunch set which costs 6.5 pounds... v had satay chicken n acar as the starters.. they r so TASTY n i reli long time no eat satay n acar liao!! the satay sauce was so nice!! as well as the acar; hot + sour!! i think i wil order them again next time, haha!! then i had nasi lemak as the main course.. Wahh again, i long time no eat sambal liao.. it was real sambal wo since it was spicy enuf!!! n since there was so little sambal given, i asked for MORE!! haha... overall, the food there was so delicious!!

Nasi lemak!!! miss the bukit maluri nasi lemak stall so much!!

Char kuey teow!! got big prawn n sotong n fishcake!!

chinese teapot + chinese teacups + chinese tea!!

chopsticks n chinese style spoon!!

v stayed in the kopitiam for few hours.. juz sat there n chit-chatting after finished our food!! v seldom do dis since v come to glasgow!! i dunno y oso... maybe due to the environment gua... only go out makan but not yam cha... quite a relaxing weekend though pharmcare essay kept appearing in my mind!!

when v paid for the bill, v found that they 'gai cuo sou'... instead of 4 lunch sets, they juz counted 3 sets!! since it's m'sian kopitiam, they r fr m'sia oso, n they gav me extra sambal, v were being HONEST n told them bout tat... i think v wil juz cabut like tat if it is a bar or western restaurant, haha!!

part 2 - fire alarm

early in the morning, i think about 4.45am, the fire alarm kept ringing... dis was the 2nd time in dis week, the 1st time was few days ago... n the fire alarm went off at 5.45am on last wed... arghhh.. 2 fire alarms in a week early in the morning!! going crazy!!

i was sleeping deeply dis morning.. when the alarm went off, i tot was the alarm testing that happens on every tues morning at bout 11am.. it was so annoying n wat came out fr my brain was tat 'the alarm is functioning so faster stop ringing!! dun disturb!!' however, it was NOT n i forced to crawl out of bed n went outside the block!! it was so cold outside n i was trembling!! n it started to rain drizzly... the angmou downstairs triggered the fire alarm!! aiii... plz dun cook early in the morning next time ya!!

part 3 - election

the election dis year was so interesting.. wat a dramatic change on m'sian politics n every1 talks bout the election now... i dunno bout politics at all but after dis time, i start to noe sth from tat la... however, izit a good change??? uncertainty...


ti3nD said...

hmmm.. u guys hav LOTS of gossips n are fun to gossip with, so no matter wheere it is, it will last for a few hours too.. lolz.

jaga jaga abit, dont make us wake up liao k? oppps. jkjk.

yi shan said...

u guys hav MORE gossips than us lo.. next time chit-chat tgt again la... n paiseh ya.. i misinterpret 'u n sb' since our orientation.. wakaka... next time plz introduce CLEARLY ya... haha... paiseh again la...


i think no one dare to cook in early morning liao... :p

ti3nD said...

deng!!!!close topic. haha. *zip!

nah.. i think u guys more geng. gals are famous with their 38-ness. u guys never lack any.


=慧云=Angela= said...

first time dropping by to say hi~~ ^^

I also wanna go rumours lah, though we will be going back after few months, I need sth-kinda-from-home to motivate me into doing my work, hmmm...

gambateh lah girl, work hard for pharmcare essay or FYP ^^

=Hui HooN=

yi shan said...

hi... u shud go rumours at least once la... reli a nice place to relax, chit-chat and eat.. sure can give you some sorts of motivation.. haha.. u gambatte oso la ^_^