Tuesday, 25 March 2008

TINY Snow Flakes!!

today is kind of strange day... since i woke up, it started to snow intermittently wif tiny snow flakes for whole day... it is really a beautiful sight wif the tiny snow flakes falling from the sky gently and lightly.. haha.. the snow dis time is diff from the heavy snow last time... it brings diff kinds of feeling... i was admiring the view dis whole afternoon.. n it is the first time tat i appreciate my table is facing the window... normally busy wif the blind to avoid the bright sunlight.. dunno pull up or down the blind how many times in a day... sienzz..

n wat reli amazed me was tat it SNOWed in the SUNSHINE!! yippie!! SNOW vs SUNSHINE~~ nvr come into my mind tat they could happen tgt in harmony!! wat a gorgeous view!! haha... indeed, now ady the beginning of spring.. i m astonished by the mother nature!! reli difficult to imagine la :p

~雪花飘,轻轻飘;幸福其实一点点就好~ ^o^

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