Sunday, 20 June 2010

From 2nd Floor to 5th Floor

When I got the news that i was reshuffled to Discharge Pharmacy, I felt reluctant to go up! Why me!?? BOSS wants the most senior 1 to come down to 2nd floor and BOSS doesn’t want the new comers to go up to 5th floor. So I am the one!

It took me nearly half a year (I know it was quite a long period) to adapt to In-Patient Department’s pace, people, work flow, etc….. When i just got adapted to the environment and accepted it, I had to give up my part over there to take over another place. It was heavy-hearted to pass over my work that I was in-charged of and actually I still in the learning process in the past ~6 months.

“When you cannot change the decision/environment, what you can do is to change yourself! To readjust, to adapt and to accept it!”

Unexpectedly, I found that i am HAPPIER in Discharge Pharmacy XD After about 3 weeks time being up there, I can tell that I definitely don’t want to go down to Ward Supply again =P Now I belong to In-patient Department but I am actually doing an Out-Patient job.

Discharge Pharmacy can be very busy when the patients and the ward indent prescriptions come at one time and then continuously. Still remember last week when the school holidays just began, the prescriptions came non-stop until i felt the oxygen level of my brain was running low. One word which is ‘Pek Cek’ ;p Now i seldom have lunch together with my colleagues since I usually have to go for late lunch. Thank them coz they never forget to dabao for me =))) And I seldom punch card at 5pm SHARP since there are always last minute cases…

But I am happier coz I no need to face to the BOSS everyday! BOSS is very POWER and BOSS is the source of STRESSES and STRAINTS of job! (seriously dun like her x10!) No need to bother about the tedious and troublesome UNIT DOSE system. No need to deal with so many problems and cases that happen every day in there. No need to worry about the stock level. No need to worry about DD. No need to answer calls from oncall people. No need to ‘gek sei’ by PRPs that often ady. Etc. HAHAHA

I just have to take care of my pharmacy and some other PAPER WORK! Discharge Pharmacy is small with one pharmacist and 2 Pembantu Farmasi. Usually in the morning before 10.30am there is no prescription and it is my golden time to do my paper work. Paper work can be A LOT and TEDIOUS but no choice since it is part of our job. After that is most about out-patient thing like screening, labelling, counterchecking and dispensing.

Think after some time I will feel bored of doing the routine work. This is so called WORKING LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!


mingying said...

hehe...ahmoi,glad tat u enjoyed ur job!!(i think my job is boring ler!!)btw..ur hosp using the UNIT DOSE system!!OMG..super tedious wei..

yi shan said...

yaya going to implement to 16 wards in July and all the wards next year! think will encounter alot of problems after start the system. and luckily i am out of it dy... haha

yipken said...

so lucky hor, u.
congrats lo, haha.