Friday, 11 June 2010

Night Shift-ING

Seriously, i am very sleepy dy… Wish i could lie on my lovely bed right now… *yawn x2*

I was almost killed by the boredom during my last A&E dayshift… There is a computer in HKL A&E pharmacy which has INTERNET services. But MOST of the access are BLOCKED including MSN, YOUTUBE, BLOG, and most of the websites that you can think of. So there are no video, no music, no blogging and no chatting! The only good thing is that v can access to FACEBOOK, it seems like a happy thing during oncall. BUT v only can access to facebook HOMEPAGE ONLY. All the applications on fb are blocked including games and the chatting 1. >.<

So this time I become smart dy, I bring my laptop to work… In the long long night when everyone (not including patients ;p) is sleeping, at least i have my laptop to accompany me. Ngek ngek…

Sleepy sleepy sleepy….. Wish i am in my bed with my blanket now… I want to sleep le… *yawn x2* Three and the half hours to go!!


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