Monday, 25 February 2008

calc, tables n figures..

since biopharm class test, i was so slack n felt like not doing anything.. n indeed, i was so free n din do anything for the past 1 week lo.. i could juz sat on my chair or lay on my bed n juz lost my thought for so long.. like so stupid la... act i was quite emo in the week, so i juz let myself did tat.. haha.. n everything turned good during the weekend la..

after the short self-vacation, i started to do my results part.. i tot was easy at 1st, juz to transfer all the data tat i did b4 on ms excel into ms word.. n act it was easy.. juz tat wif so many figures n tables, the arrangement is a prob... i spent alot of time on it but it still looks messy n my 27-pages result is full of calc, tables, figures, calc, tables n figures... n i havent typed in the titles for the tables n figures yet.. but i dun care it liao for this moment... juz let my supervisor to headache bout it, hihi...

n i started to feel sick after i woke up dis morning.. so sien to fall sick again.. waste my toilet papers only to tahan my runny nose.. toilet tissues here r expensive la... haha..

n to 2 of my good good frens la, i not reli noe wat had happened, n no matter wat, juz tat friendship forever ya!!

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