Sunday, 10 February 2008

quiet night!!

too excited to post up cny blog n upload photos juz now, n become insomnia now.. hihi.. anyway, i m enjoying the quiet night, listening to the music, fei fei di sitting on my chair, n feeling quite good de... no stress, still in cny mood, juz tat being hungry now.. hihi.. no matter how, i wont eat anything now since i ady gained weight here!! so shock when i weighed myself on the 1st day of cny, unbelievable.. muz start to control my diet la, though i noe it's quite impossible for me, hehe... food r always being attractive to me de, haha!!

the coming of cny is followed by the coming of spring... the bright sunlight shone into my room these few days.. it is warm n i no need to close my window all the day dy, hihi... class test is coming soon n my presentation is on dis coming wed.. not much time left act n i haven ready for either yet.. surprisingly, i dun feeling 'stress' at the moment.. i oso dunno y... juz hope tat i able to cover all in time la... oh.. hungry!!

now is 4 in the morning... still dun feel sleepy... juz wonder wat time i wil wake up later.. hihi... hope not too late la since i still hav to rush for presentation.. anyway.. juz enjoy the moment la.. haha...

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