Saturday, 2 February 2008

london trip!!

wanted to write dis blog long time ago... finally, able to write it tonight.. ady 1 month ago i went for this trip n i not reli can recall the details, hehe... i spent my end of 2007 n beginning of 2008 in london.. n today is 1st of feb dy.. time passed quitely.. hihi...

i had my 2008 coutdown right in front of london eye, the most fantastic fireworks tat i nvr seen b4.. it was the biggest scale n the fireworks were so near to me.. all juz like fell from the sky n were so colourful n so nice!! haha..

london trip was the most relax trip tat 1 ever had.. woke up at about 11am everyday and then went out for our lunch... looking for food was the most exciting thing in london.. n china town was the 'muz go' place everyday.. i ate alot during the trip.. act i think my whole trip was juz ate, ate, n ate!! haha... in china town, there is plenty of reataurants wif chinese, japanese, korean, western food, etc, and even malaysian food... reli excited n uncontrolled when saw the food.. haha... i really miss chinese n japanese food la, esp sushi!! hehe.. i ate dim sum, roasted duck, roasted pork, prawn mee, 'wah dan hor', tempura, sushi, salmon, miso soup, etc.. haha.. almost gao dim my lunch n dinner in china town everyday after i craving for so long in glasgow, hehe!! among these food, tempura bento n sushi were my favourite.. misato reli a nice japanese restaurant.. i was so satisfied with the food although there was always a long queue in the cold!!

tempura bento!! yummy!!

sake teri bento!!


yipken said...

walao, so many food u ate. fat will live in ur body de. beware beware. :)

yi shan said...

haha.. u noe i cant say no to food de ma!! low resistance, hihi!!