Tuesday, 13 May 2008


juz woke up from a nap.. felt so tired after the biopharm 5 paper.. finally, it's over!! kept writing non-stop during the exam, n tried my best to write watever down from my limited memory.. at the same time, my stomach was rumbling, i was hungry :p din do well in the paper oso.. n not able to draw out any chemical structures n mechanisms oso.. another tough paper wif 'challenging' questions!!

after came back from exam hall, i had my lunch which was a BIG bowl of meehun!! damn difficult only i finished the whole bowl of it!! act still got 2 pieces of cauliflowers, but i reli cannot liao!! quite pity on my stomach oso, coz it oftens in 1 of the 2 extreme states: either being super hungry or overloaded :p with the bloated stomach, i tried to read up abit for the next coming paper.. but i failed to do so coz i was so tired n sleepy.. can be expected, i lay on my lovely bed n had a nice nap la... haha... *n sry to my housemates coz i hav disturbed their sleep early in the morning, paiseh...

1+1~~ juz left another 2 more papers to go!! n less than 10 days to hav FREEDOM!! yea!! can't wait for the coming of the day!! n better go to study dy, cannot be so slack liao.. jia you jia you!! study study!!


ti3nD said...

somangat nia :P

gambateh larh!

yi shan said...

u oso jia you la!! all the best to u!!