Thursday, 22 May 2008

final exam is OVER!!

final exam is over.. is Over.. is OVER!!! hurray!! after suffer for so long n finally... it is OVER!! wakaka... FREEDOM!! wakakaka... dis oso indicates the end of sem 8.. n almost the end of my uni life!! time flies.. soon after dis.. i m no longer a student.. so b4 tat muz enjoy the benefits of being a student as much as possible.. my student card only valid till aug 2008 :( anyway, my international student card is valid till the end of 2008.. haha... still can enjoy some sorts of student discounts after back to malaysia esp when go to watch movie.. good good :p

went to mussels inn for lunch juz now.. ate the whole pot of mussels.. act one pot of mussels doesn't look alot.. but it did make me feel full n feel like vomitting... n my stomach is fully filled wif MUSSELS... i think i wont go for mussels for some periods of time dy.. abit fear of mussels liao.. hehe... n the mussels in brussels r act fresher n tastier :p

bcoz of selamba n slacking for too long after the pharmcare paper.. i slept for less than 3 hrs dis morning... n reli tak tahan once the exam was over.. n in the condition of tau kong kong, i couldn't fall sleep!! n finally... after nearly 1 hr-nap, my brain is back to its normal function liao.. sometimes i cannot tahan myself oso.. gerhhh... always being selamba selamba n selamba... n then end up wif studying like siao in last min.. *slap

2 more days to spain n portugal trip!! wakaka...


ti3nD said...

erm can larh can larh, still can tahan larh. ahhas!

happie hols!

yi shan said...

happy holidays!!

ti3nD said...

wahlao umbrealla cheong. if u see my msg in italy u better write a post lorh. so long neva update blog liao merh. hahaha. anyway, congratulation for degree results!