Saturday, 17 May 2008

super sleepy..

i m tired + sleepy after 1 whole day.. but juz feel like blogging :p

i woke up early dis morning to read up abit for pharmcare exam later (not enuf sleep act).. n wished to sit for the exam asap so tat no 'fan' of it anymore... finally, the exam is over wif 95 mcq in 3 hrs time... i used to tembak many ques.. haha...

after the exam, v sat on the grass slope in front of jbc while waiting for the others.. wanted to sit n relax on the grass slope since the coming of spring n finally i did it today.. good weather + dandelions + small flowers + 'flavour' of green grass, nice!! felt so good to lie on the grass!! haha..

after taking some random pics, v went to chokukun? chikokun? chukokun?.. aiyo.. watever la.. v went thr for lunch buffet to celebrate mingying's BIG day!! happy birthday to ming ying!! ^0^

dun feel like doing anything after back to jbc, n v juz relaxed thr n chatted non-stop again.. G7 members reli talkative la :p but dis time better coz at least v did sth in the end.. v arranged out all the cooking utensils n took some snaps to show to our juniors...

straight after tat, v went for the 2nd birthday celebration.. happy birthday to ming ying again!! ^0^ n v watched a sweet sweet + touched video!! gummi bears, guitar, violin, songs, performances, wishes, etc.. wau.. so SWEET!! haha.. is the video telling us some 'special' messages??? :P

ahhhh.. very tired n very sleepy now.. finally, there is only 1 last paper to go!! n after 1 week i wil go to spain n portugal!! haha... so excited... decided not to set the alarm for tmr morning... i wan to sleep gao gao :p


mingying said...

hahaha..yi shan u're so funnylarr,lol!!!thanks a lot for the 24th birthday is definitely a very memorable one, thanks to you guys!!!:)))i had great fun felt so nice to fei fei de and just relax, chat and laugh..

yi shan said...

dun forget to tell me if 'sth' reli happens ya.. haha... may all ur dreams come true!!