Sunday, 11 May 2008

looking for a better tomorrow!!

i m not good today... but i believe tat i wil become better from tmr onwards!! yea!!

only read 2 short chapters today.. n my target for tmr is to finish the another 2 long chapters!!! i can do it act i muz do it, haha !!

time to rest dy though still early night now... tiring eyes cannot read anymore liao act i lazy to cont on my study :p sleep well tonight n hope i can wake up early tmr... cannot waste time liao!!

forget bout the bad thing n look forward!! i m looking forward!!!

~期许明天会更好~ ^0^


mingying said...

明天会更好..jia you miss cheong~~~~U CAN DO IT..:))go GO GO!!!study study!!!(sound like u or not?:P)good luck!!!

yi shan said...

miss ku u jia you oso :) all the best!!