Sunday, 18 May 2008

belated birthday greetings to ming ying!!

bcoz of mingying, v had a funny video recording session last night.. reli funny till v laughed non-stop whole night.. hahaha... dis video is juz the imitation of the original 1..

suilin n peifong contributed the ideas behind dis video, huikoon drew the panda bear n i searched the songs from youtube... hahaha..

mingying, hope u enjoy the video la :p happy studying!!

*specially thanks to ms suilin who has put her greatest effort on dis video.. muahaha.. she always come out wif alotttttts of ideas.. haha..


Kha Hong said...

Hey u all are really great in this la..

慢工出细货..Although u all are one of the last to record the video, but ur ideas are really good! Salute!

yi shan said...

thanks for ur support la.. haha.. but v reli too funny liao.. i can watch the video again n again n laugh non-stop..