Wednesday, 7 May 2008


Wahhh.. i long long time no update my blog liao.. since pharmcare essay deadline until now ady more than 1 month!! i really miss my blog alotttt.. within the month act i hav the 'strong desire' to update my blog de, but everytime oso NO TIME NO TIME, i reli run out of time... n finally, i hav time for my blog dy after the 1st exam paper today which is DDS... feel relax n abit relieved after the exam although it is only the starting of the FINAL year exam :p between, the ocular lecturer SUPER fei... only wasted our time in reading his lecture.. the mcq questions not relevant to his lecture oso n i juz simply tembak all the answers, omg!! n no essay come out for the ocular chapter oso, faint la!! anyway, dun bother about tat dy, at least it is OVER n i can let all the DDS contents flow out from my brain to return it to unsaturated level again, haha...

after submit the final year project in april, G7 has baked the second cake... anyway, the cake was NOT nice because of the FROSTING!! :( if got time sure wanna bake the marble cake again!!

after that v went for brussels n amsterdam trip.. a very nice trip ^0^ v ate mussels n belgium waffles in brussels, cycling in amsterdam, went to red light district n keukenhof, etc... n there were MICE in the hostel, haha.. wil blog bout the trip later if got time... mice, mouse, sha sha fen bu qing chu, haha..

straight after the amsterdam trip was the celebration of peifong's birthday act i was low batt dy :p , 'surprise' at 12 o'clock sharp n v went to rumours on the next day i still recharging my energy level.. after tat v got bbq gathering wif stephen, alastair, our neighbours n SS house.. act i did not hav much interaction wif the 2 'lengcai' angmou at all... i juz joined for 'eat'.. n v got chicken wings, sausages, 'sai mai lou', potato salad, fruit salad, cake, corns, marshmallow, blackcurrent juices for the bbq.. alot of food n sounds delicious right? they are reli very delicious.. hahah.. tat's y i ate alot during the bbq gathering n after that i diarrhoea twice on tat night :p anyway, i was still so full after i ran to toilet twice, so can imagine how much tat i hav eaten.. haha.. bbq in glasgow is so diff from m'sia since v did NOT sweat at all.. v were so cold even though v were surrounding the bbq set gou kua zhang le... n the wind was strong till the food was in my mouth tgt wif my hair.. haha...

after that is followed by jasmin's birthday.. on tat night guys played guitar n v sang songs together.. wahh.. the atmosphere was so nice.. it is a special experience in foreign country... this makes me think of my penang trip last time, that few of us oso palyed guitar n sang song tgt on the beach ^0^

seems enjoy alot in the past 1 month but act oso busy wif other stuffs as well... busy studying for the exam, busy for the accommodation stuffs, busy for trip bookings, etc.. n oso busy chatting wif housemates most of the time... v used to chat alot.. haha... *n v were juz chatted for few hrs tonight.. chatted so long till i skipped my dinner since no time to cook!! omg!!

now is spring in glasgow... n the weather is so gud in these few days... there is sun n it is hot!! those angmou really enjoyed themselves in the sun... n v went to tesco today without wearing our jackets!! the 1st tat v went out without our jackets!! HOW GOOD if v r not having final exam now!! lalala...

tat's the end of today.. chatted too long till thr is no time for me to write more.. planned to read a bit de but ady very sleepy... one day gone.. this is the result of chat cHat CHAT!! tmr hav to back to study mood again.. study study!!

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ti3nD said...

u are back haha.

i think everybody also like that after the first day.